WE08 Ripples 25x395

  Caroline Coode Artist Printmaker

                                  Handmade folded Book in Envelope

                Rana Temporaria  - Leaf print and collaged wood engravings        Price - £150             To purchase please use the order form

1 R.t back 2 R.t front 5 R.t shut 110x60mm 8 R.t closed back 86x86mm 9 R.t envelope front 86x86mm 6 R.t back 110x60mm

Backs of envelope and open book           Fronts of envelope and book                                    Book closed H 60 x W 110

Book 200mm diameter                             Envelope 240mm x 85mm                                                                        

Book in envelope - back                                        Book in envelope - front                                       Book closed - back

H 86 x W 86mm


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