WE08 Ripples 25x395

  Caroline Coode Artist Printmaker

Etched Lino

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Title:      EL 05 Light Dawning

Size:      H 660  W 305mm

Price:    £80 Unframed

Title:      EL 02 Thames Afternoon Ebb II

Size:      H 550  W 350mm

Price:    £80 Unframed

                       Title:      EL 01 Thames Afternoon Ebb I

                       Size:      H 550  W 350mm

                       Price:    £80 Unframed

                       Title:     EL 03 Day Waning

                       Size:      H 660  W  305mm

                       Price:    £80 Unframed

Title:      EL 06 Pulteney Bridge. Bath

Size:      H  355 W 190mm

Price:    £70 Unframed

All images copyright © Caroline Coode 2020

Title:      LE05 First Harvest Lasvaux

Size:      H  280  W 445mm

Price:    £80 Unframed

LE03 Thames afternoon Ebb I LE04 Thames afternoon Ebb II LE07 Day Waning LE08 January Sunday

Title:     EL 04 January Sunday

Size:     H 660  W 305mm

Price:    £80 Unframed

LE09 Light Dawning LE10 Pulteny Bridge LE06 First Harvest Lasvaux