WE08 Ripples 25x395

Caroline Coode Artist Printmaker


Caroline Coode is an artist and printmaker widely recognised for her vibrant and distinctive work. Her prints are in public collections throughout the UK and also in Germany and Belfast.

During her twenty year career, she has exhibited extensively in solo and joint exhibitions with other artists.

Caroline was the organizer of 'NAMASTE' Nepal - Britain art exchange which toured Galleries and Arts Centres in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Nepal over a two year period.

Landscape, natural forms, water and light are the subjects on which my work is based. I believe these interests stem from my earliest childhood memories of the high Cotswolds, seaside holidays and the influence first of my Nanny and later my parents - all of whom were keen gardeners and nature lovers
I use a variety of printmaking techniques.
Limited editions are from collagraphs, lino or wood blocks, etchings and wood engravings. Monoprints are often free-form and textured with collaged layers of printed images, frottages, natural forms, oil crayons and paint
The printing process itself is a constant source of fascination. The challenge is to invent new ways of making plates that can be inked in several ways with many colours

sketching red Cuillin 2
work space borders
caroline and printing press

"I like to experiment with photography and unconventional ways of making and printing blocks. Unexpected results from these often provide starting points for new work"